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Leonardo Morosini

Player formed in Brescia’s academy, started appearing this season in the main squad. Debuting in his last youth year in the main squad (with 5 matches; 1 goal and 1 assist) he, in the following season, was called to be part of the main squad where in 23 matches he made 1 goal and 2 assists. This season, his second senior year, he made himself a more important player for the team by making 36 matches, 8 goals and 3 assists in a Brescia who finished 11º in Serie B.

Morosini is a defensive midfielder, agressive with and without the ball. Good technique, good at taking advantage of the spaces in the last third of the pitch. Having done 8 goals this season, Leonardo Morosini is an agile player, who seeks to win the ball and rapidly attack. With no problems with technique he is indeed somewhat fragile in physical disputes. Other aspects he must improve are the way he thinks when creating a play. He needs to learn better how to read the game and knowing when to slow it’s tempo, he is still very impulsive with the ball. With that improvement and an improvement when positioning without the ball he will evolve his game and stop being a player who serves his team only by speeding the game to become a player for all phases of a match.

Potential to be a Serie A player and spend his intire career in it. There a few doubts in if he can be a player for a title candidate but that will depend on if he can improve the aspects mentioned before.