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Bayer Leverkusen vs Schalke – Key notes

In their offensive process, Bayer look to create a dynamic with 3 players in the back, one of the midfielders drops and the other plays more in the front, on the wings Volland in the left and Bender on the right.

Havertz moves from the wing to play more inside, Brandt likes to move more to the left, and Alario in the front. They look to overload one area. They put a lot of players on the middle. And the 2 players on the wings stay wide open.

Patience in the build up phase. They look always for the space between lines, and when they find it, they speed up the game. Wendell and Tah got quality to make the inside pass. Dummy movements are made in order to attract and create space.

They attack the last third fast, and they are very dangerous when they find the space between lines. They attack with 4 or 5 players. They do a lot of forward runs.

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