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About us

ProScout was established in 2016 as a scouting consulting company, focused on team analysis and player scouting. We collaborate with clubs, coaches, players, scouts, and media.

In addition to this component, we have a strong concern with the educational issues, seeking to bring the public closer to the game. We intend to promote discussion about technical and tactical concepts and with that develop the passion for the game even further.


Francisco Gomes da Silva

The number '10 of ProScout. Francisco Gomes da Silva conceived, created a team and entered to the pitch with the idea of winning the game. He was born in 1993 and football was a passion that arose early in his life. He played until he was 19, followed by stints as assistant coach, analyst and scout. In 2016 he identified scouting as a growing area and created his project. Economist, Director of ProScout and the voice of the 'Scout Talks' podcast.

André Zeferino

André Zeferino joined ProScout in September 2019. He is 21 years old, attending a Masters in Media & Journalism. He is fascinated by the Barcelona teams of Guardiola and the Manchester United of Sir Alex Ferguson. At ProScout he is one of the voices of the 'Bola ao Meio' podcast, coordinator of the portuguese scouting project and writer of several articles on scouting. Football is a passion.

Alexandre de Araújo

He is the #9 jersey of this team. Graduated in Management, with a huge passion for football and captivated by ProScout's project. Being one of the participants of the game has always been a dream and will naturally remain as his main goal. Responsible for the area of international scouting, his mission is to keep the team scoring goals. We face challenges knowing that the talent found today will lead to success tomorrow.

Tomé Azevedo

Football has been part of his life since he was born in 1990, growing up going to the stadium and playing. When he realized that the ball was too round for his square feet, he developed an interest in Scouting and game analysis. He is part of the ProScout team since 2018 and is currently responsible for the ProScout scouting coordination.

David Almeida

From a very early age he developed interest in the areas of analysis and scouting. Thus, when the opportunity to join ProScout came up, at the end of 2017, he quickly accepted it as being a project that met his own personal vision. At an early stage he began to collaborate in a ponctual way, which then grew naturally into a closer collaboration, and the following year he joins the ProScout management team. Currently he occupies cross functions to the whole project: website management, player database management, player scouting and he' s also responsible for the Podcast 'Scout Radar'.

Miguel Palma

One of the founding members of ProScout, now responsible for the Youtube channel. Born in October 1992, Miguel gained two passions from early on, cars and soccer. The love for the game started early, from playing in the street and watching the great players on television, and it led to the study of this beautiful game. Today, despite his background as a programmer, he dreams of a career in Scouting. Another passion is the history of football, reviewing old games and studying them.

João Alves

Designer by vocation, he came to add an improved aesthetic sense to the project. He is responsible for the graphic department of ProScout, from social networks to podcast covers. A fan of Benfica since the first 0-0 against União de Leiria that he watched at Estádio da Luz with his grandmother, he grew up watching Ronaldinho, Gerrard and Nedvěd. Widower of Guardiola's Barcelona, in love with Messi and forever grateful to Maniche for that goal against the Netherlands in 2004.

Gaspar Penetra

Gaspar is 25 years old and he fell in love with footbal from an early age. He has a degree in Sports Management and has been involved in football for over 20 years as a player, youth coach and scout. He has been a member of ProScout since 2019 and he's responsible for the Courses management.

Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo, another football lover, with background split between futsal and football and currently a futsal player. With a degree in Management, he seeks to combine his passion for sports with his area of expertise, being part of the management of ProScout with the aim of helping in the overall strategy and decision making and the focus on elevating the project and make it a reference in football analysis and scouting.

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values and vision


One of ProScout’s concerns is the dissemination of knowledge related to the areas of scouting and analysis. A more educated public in these areas will increase the demand on clubs and players in the game, which in turn will have a positive impact on their development.


At ProScout we have the commitment to restrict ourselves to the game within the playing pitch and in what really impacts the result of the game. You can count on a unbiased, direct speech, focused on the gameplay.


Linked to the educational component, we find it essential to promote the debate about what happens on the pitch and the decisions made by the football departments of the clubs. We believe that a healthy debate, with constructive criticism, leads to an overall increase in the clubs’ performance.


It is the passion for the game that moves us. Therefore, it is our belief that we have the duty to treat it with the respect it deserves and it is our obligation to bring content that is as substantiated and detailed as possible and with total impartiality.

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