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Rio Aves’s goalkeeper on loan from Grêmio. At his 24 years old, he is taking advantage of his chances in Liga NOS showing all his value. He played 38 matches and suffered 59 goals. Despite the numbers, he showed to be a goalkeeper with great potential.

Very effective between the posts, strong at 1v1 situations and with his reflexes. He shows to have a very positive body language and constantly offers support in the construction. With easy distribution and high intelligence on the way he approaches the first construction phase. He has technical and tactical quality in this game moment. Great ability to start quick attacks due to his passing quality. Good depth control and shows confidence in his actions. He defends an average of 3,6 shots per game. Léo Jardim still can improve and reach a much higher level.

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27-year-old Portuguese international goalkeeper who represents Tondela since 2011/2012. He has been growing every season and at the moment he is a good value from Liga NOS and  reference on his position. In 38 matches this season, he conceded 58 goals.

His biggest abilities are his quickness to reaction, agility and positional control. Cláudio Ramos is a goalkeeper who transmits confidence and safety in his interventions. He prefers to play inside his area, but does not hide from depth control moments of the game, quickly moving from his goal to close the opponent’s shooting angles. He usually does not moves out in crosses, opting to stay between the posts where he shows to be stronger with his reflexes. He presents an average of 2,9 saves per game. Offensively he is a goalkeeper who prefers to play more direct for his forward.

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Boavista’s goalkeeper, developed in América Mineiro. Arrived in Portugal after passages in several Brazilian clubs. In Portugal he played 24 matches until he got injured. At 28 years old, he showed himself at a great level. He suffered 29 goals in 24 matches.

Helton Leite is a goalkeeper always with a high positioning and stands out with his great agility, despite his physical stature, body balance, confidence and attacking the ball in the air. He is always active and attentive to his surroundings. He controls depth well and shows to be an option to play away from the goal. He has an average of 4 saves per game. From the offensive point of view he is not a goalkeeper who participates a lot in construction phase. He prefers to play more direct and long balls seeking the offensive reference.

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It was at 26 years old and his 4th season in Portugal where the Brazilian right full back had his best season at an individual level, completing 41 matches – always as a starter -, scoring 4 goals and assisting his teammates in 9 occasions.

Being a very offensive full back, having a great crossing ability and executing all types of set pieces with quality were the base for him to be so important offensively. It also helped the fact that the team started to play with 3 centre backs with Augusto Inácio’s arrival in Vila das Aves, giving more offensive freedom to the full backs. Despite this importance at an offensive level, Rodrigo Soares was also important in the ball recovering moments with an average of 6,3 recoveries per game and in offensive construction phase he ended the season with an average of 79% of completed passes.

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This Belenenses Portuguese winger has a very important role in his manager’s game model. In a 3 centre back system where it is needed for the wingers to do the entire flanks, Diogo showed to be capable on doing so, and with an excellent level all season. He contributed with 1 goal and 7 assists in 35 matches.

His passing ability is very elevated, making an average of 47 passes per game with 80% of success rate. Another characteristic worth mentioning is his crossing ability where he manages to send the ball where he wants to due to his technical ability being one of his strong features. Diogo is one of the most experienced players in Liga NOS despite of the fact that he is only 29 years old. He started very soon in FC Porto and he was formed in Sporting CP.

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The Malian right full back definitely shined this season for Vitória SC, becoming one of the best right full backs in this Liga NOS 2018/2019 edition. Formerly in Vitória SC’s B team, the 24 year-old right full back took the starting role on the main squad, playing 36 matches this season, 28 of them in the league, showing all his quality defending and attacking from his right full back position.

Sacko is a determined offensive mind, making use of his technical ability (62% success in dribbles) and quickness with and without the ball. Besides progressing with the ball with quality to offensive areas, he is has a good decision making ability, connecting well on the inside or seeking support on the wing (showing an impressive 83% success rate in passes), also being very successful in crosses (average of 2 key crosses per game). He is also very strong in the defensive moment, showing to be hard to beat in 1v1 situations with his good positioning winning 63% of the challenges and 58% in aerial challenges.

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Centre Back on loan at Vitória SC from FC Porto who stood out as one of the team’s highlights. He is already a regular presence in the Venezuelan National team. He played 34 matches, scoring 2 goal for his personal sheet. At 25 years old and having a contract with FC Porto, he has the ambition to be a regular for the “Dragons”.

Osorio is 1,89m tall and is a very quick and aggressive player. He has a good ability in aerial challenges, with a success rate of 64%. He is not only a strong central defender in the defensive moment; he is also strong in the offensive moment. Possessing a good technical quality, mainly progressing with the ball and in long passes. With an average of 52 passes per game (88% success), he is in fact a player who can contribute in the team’s offensive construction phase.  

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With only 25 years old, the centre back developed by Benfica transferred this season from Rangers to this Azores team. He played 31 matches and scored 6 times. This season was very important for its growth and affirmation in Portuguese football. Fábio Cardoso could be a National Team centre back in the next years.

After being one of João Henrique’s key players, he is now being appointed in a potential Porto or Benfica move next season. With his 187 cm height, he is strong in aerial challenges, winning 57% of them and he is a reference in his team’s offensive set pieces, already counting 6 goals this season (5 on the league and 1 in the Portuguese Cup). His 71% of tacking efficiency is very impressive, just like his passing quality with an average of 84% success.

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The 24 year-old and 187 cm height Brazilian centre back started his career in Cruzeiro de Minas Gerais and after a consistent season at Sporting Clube de Braga, several Brazilian and European clubs have monitored him.

During this season, he played 44 matches, showing a great defensive sense playing on the right side, presenting a good exploitation in headers and intercepting opponent’s shots. This players possesses an undoubted technical quality. Bruno has an average of 60,8% of success in aerial challenges, 5,85 interceptions per game, 0,34 shots blocked per game and only 6 yellow cards. He also shows as well a great precision in passes (89,8%) and in long passes (51,8%). The player has a contract with Braga until 2023. Bruno Viana is one of the most promising players in Liga NOS.

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The Serbian centre back of only 23 years old is already on his second season for Chaves and continues to make the difference. Arriving from Rad in 2017 and after a good first season in Chaves, this season, Maras was undoubtedly an authentic team leader. This season he helped his team with 3 goals and 1 assist in 31 games, but his consistency is what makes him more noticeable.

Unlike last season where he played as a left centre back, this season he played on the right, making a partnership with the recently arrived Campi. Maras is a player who likes to have the ball and takes control on the construction phase from the back with quality, having 85% of success in passes. In the defensive chapter he shows to be a very strong and aggressive central defender, having 65% success in challenges and 63% success in aerial challenges. In the 1v1 defensive situations, Maras also shows quality, with 70% of success in these actions.

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Developed by FC Porto, this Vitoria SC’s left full back is one of the good surprises this season, conjugating excellent exhibitions with his most appreciated consistency throughout this Liga NOS’s edition. He played in 31 matches.

For now there are no rumors of a possible transfer, but this 24 year-old left footed player has characteristics to play at a top of the table club. His is a full back with very offensive characteristics, seeking the depth on the wings with his quickness to make crosses or key passes (has 83% success in passes), making a good use of combinations with the interior midfielder. On the other hand, fruit of his good positioning and supports, he has 69% success in tackles and 66% in aerial challenges. He is also one of the main set piece taker in his team.

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The 29-year-old left full back completed his second season in Moreirense. At the end of his contract and without a renewal deal, he lost his starting position in February but still managed to be one of the pillars in this excellent season for the Moreira de Cónegos team with 21 matches played.

Ruben Lima stands out for his influence in every phase of the game: An average of 8 balls recovered and 5,8 defensive duels won per 90 minutes show his importance in ball recovery phase. His technical quality allowed him to actively participate in the construction phase in the offensive final third with an average of 74% of succeeded passes, 2,9 offensive challenges won and 2,1 dribbles completed per 90 minutes. Besides that, he is a player who executes set pieces with quality, mostly free kicks from the flanks and corners.

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After a passage in Nacional and a past season with lack of game time, the 28-year-old left full back had his best season in his career as of this moment. He was the second most utilized player by Abel Ferreira, playing a total of 40 matches and 3571 minutes of game time. Sequeira also scored once. He was one of the team’s pillars in a campaign where they reached the fourth place in Liga NOS.

Essentially, he is an offensive full back, possessing a good technical quality, translating into a good crossing ability and mid distance shots. He signed 10 assists in all competitions, reinforcing his importance in Braga’s offensive manoeuvre. He still is relatively safe in the defensive moment, with 61% success rate in tackles. He showed to be very regular throughout the season, being already one of the Portuguese football safe values.

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This Ghanaian player is a very strong midfielder in the defensive moment. After an experience in French football last season, he affirmed himself as undisputed starter in the 2018/2019 season, being his big breakthrough season, playing 36 matches for Vitória SC, mostly as a defensive midfielder in a 4-3-3 system. He also scored 2 goals.

He is a very strong player physically and in the defensive moment, revealing a lot of aggressiveness and intensity in challenges, which allow him to win many of them, individually and aerial, with more than 55% success rate. He is a player that normally has a lesser risky positioning offensively and is ready to react to the loss of possession. After recovering the ball or during the offensive construction phase he tends to play simple, revealing big safety in his passes with 90% of success rate.

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Very experienced player with passages in Dutch, Danish and Belgian football, becoming a key player for SC Braga during the 2018/2019 season with 2 goals in 38 matches. He is a player who actively participates in the team’s offensive organization, mainly in the offensive construction phase, moment where he reveals high efficiency exploring depth with long passes.

He is very safe with the ball, avoiding risky actions, but still when in the offensive midfield he reveals a lot of easiness to participate in the team’s offensive plays with an average above 85% success rate in passes. In the defensive moment, he is a very strong player tactically, with a positioning that allows him to win many individual challenges (59%) and aerial duels (65%), being very important in the loss of possession moments.

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An Iraqi defensive midfielder, developed in Feyenoord completing his third season with Santa Clara and first in the Portuguese first tier, definitely affirming himself as one of the Liga NOS’s good values. He played 30 games and scored 7 times. He normally plays as a midfielder in a defensive double pivotal system, being able to play on the wing in a 4-man midfield.

Player with high technical quality revealing ease while progressing with the ball as in passes with both feet, in depth and rupture. In the offensive transition moment, he appears in finishing positions, allowing him to reach very good numbers in terms of shots per game (2) and goals throughout the season (7). Despite defensively not being very strong physically, he has a lot of aggressiveness in individual challenges and has an elevated will to defend.

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This Portuguese central midfielder was this season’s big revelation, alongside with the club he represented. Benfica signed him last summer, even participating in a few pre-season matches, but ended being sold to Moreirense, where he clearly had a quality jump in his game, managing to help his team with 10 goals and 7 assists in 38 games. He was able to maintain an excellent level all the season.

With 23 of age, he was Moreirense’s playmaker, capable of giving different positioning dynamics, such as playing next to the striker or to the central midfielders. The highlight of his characteristics it is his game vision that allows him to open free his teammates in finishing situations. With an average of 2 key passes per game, he demonstrates that he was his team’s key player. One of the best players of Liga NOS this season.

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Fransérgio is a Brazilian central midfielder who plays for Sporting Clube de Braga. This player started his professional career at Club Athletico Paranaense, in Brazil. This season he played 35 games with a high level of quality.

The versatile central midfielder walks on the entire pitch showing his quality to Braga supporters since last season. He contributed with 2 goals and 2 assists in this season of Liga NOS. Fransérgio controls the middle like few, being fundamental for Abel’s strategy in the 2018/2019 season. During said season, this player who has a contract until 2022, managed to have an average of 69,9% in succeeded dribbles, 5,14 ball recoveries and 2,9 interceptions per game. This is the 6th season in Portugal and he is currently one of the best central midfielders in Liga NOS.

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This 24 year-old creative midfielder, who returned this season to Algarve after a bad experience in FC Porto, this season had his affirmation in Liga NOS, showing to be one of the most technically gifted and intelligent players in this league. He helped Portimonense with 6 goals and 1 assist in 28 matches.

Paulinho shifted his position between central midfielder and right winger, but always looking to play in interior areas where he conducts his team’s offensive play. This 24 year-old shows at an offensive level all his technical quality, always comfortable with the ball, playing in reduced spaces, utilizing his dribbling with 57% of success to get past his opponents and he also show positioning quality, always finding and appearing free spaces. He has a very good passing quality (with 80% efficiency), managing to send a lot of balls to the back of the defenders (3 key passes per game).

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With 25 years old, the Brazilian midfielder, coming from Leixões, took a key role in Santa Clara’s team, helping with 3 goals and 4 assists in 36 games. He was utilized in two different positions, such as left winger and central midfielder, fulfilling both roles flawless in both positions.

Lamas was Santa Clara’s playmaker, where his passing and definition quality were his main characteristics, managing to coordinate the entire offensive play for his team. It also worth to mention his excellent quality taking set pieces. He his a player that due to his vast technical arsenal takes risks with dribbles (4 per game) managing to have a very high success rate. After the 5th season in Portugal and the 1st in Liga NOS, he already consolidated his name in the league as one of the most interesting midfielders.

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The 23-year-old right winger, born in Guine-Bissau and turned Portuguese has completed his second season in CD Aves on loan from Sporting CP. After being utilized intermittently in the first season even has a right full back, it was on this season where he stepped up in the Portuguese top tier has a winger, being fundamental in the club’s survival in the first league. In 35 matches played he reached the 10 goal mark alongside with 3 assists and managed to have an average of 1 key pass per game.

His outstanding quickness allied with his strength in challenges and his competitive spirit make him a very strong weapon specially for a team who likes to explore the depth conceded by the opponents, but at the same time a team who needs their wingers to be very capable defensively, which was the case for Aves. His average of 4,3 defensive challenges won per 90 minutes are the reflection of his defensive ability.

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The 22-year-old winger is a natural troublemaker for the defenders. Tabata possess a vast arsenal of technical resources that allow him to create several finishing situations, either through individual plays, or trough goal assists. Due to his quickness with the ball, he became a nightmare for the defenders. Recently, the Brazilian winger was called for the national team that will play in the Toulon Tournament.

He signed 3 goals and 5 assists in 33 games for his personal sheet during this season. He demonstrated to be a versatile player, not only playing on the attacking flanks, but also as a second striker. He has as one of his main characteristics his short and quick dribble. Having an average of 7 dribbles per game, stating his tendency to take risks in the final third.

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This Vitória SC midfielder is a creative player with a good execution quality. After a very successful loan at Moreirense, he stepped-up to be a key member in Luis Castro’s squad, confirming all the potential appointed to him. He scored 9 goals and made 3 assists in a total of 35 games during this season. His contract with the northern side ends at the end of this season.

Tozé has divided his season between playing as a right winger and an offensive midfielder, fulfilling both roles with distinction thanks to his great key passing ability and in the 1v1 situations. Playing as a right winger, he mainly seeks the interior areas, on the back of the opponent’s midfield line. He still has a great goalscoring ability, with a very spontaneous shot, showing 53% success in the finishing situations.

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The 21 year-old left winger on loan to Rio Ave from FC Porto had a season of affirmation in this league after a successful year in FC Porto’s B team. With 9 goals and 11 assists in 36 games, he was a very preponderant player in his team’s offensive moment.

Galeno is a very irreverent player who takes advantage of his quickness and technical ability in the 1v1 to beat his opponents, and proof of this is his number of dribbles, an average of 9 per game with a very high success rate. The moment where he stands out the most is during his team’s offensive transitions, where through his mentioned characteristics becomes the natural reference for the team. After this season Galeno is linked to return to FC Porto and take the opportunity to play for the first team.

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Davidson arrived to Vitória SC after 2 good seasons in GD Chaves. The Brazilian winger started his career in Porto-PE and he moved to Portugal in 2015/2016 to play for Sporting Covilhã.

Making his first season in the team, Davidson reached the best numbers of his career at his 28 years of age. Playing on the attack left wing, he closed this season with 10 goals and 9 assists in all competitions in a total of 39 matches. He is very quick with or without the ball, easily appearing in finishing areas to assist his teammates or to score (50% of efficiency in his goal scoring chances). With an above average technical ability, controlling the ball close to his right foot and create trouble for his opponents, with either crosses, key passes (44% success) or going for and individual action (55% success in dribbles). His strong and efficient shot is one of his biggest virtues.

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The Portuguese winger is a quick player and with a big ability to create unbalances. Despite Nacional’s relegation, he was one of the highlights from the team. With 7 goals (21% from the total of the team) and 2 assists in 28 games, after a passage in Spain, he returned to Nacional turning into one of the safest values from this league.

Camacho is a winger who, despite mainly playing on the left side of the attack, he can also play on the right wing. He has a lot of confidence going for the 1v1 situation, showing an average of 6 dribbles per game. Playing on the left side, he is a menace for the defenders, as he likes to cut inside to finish with his right foot, a reflection of that is his number of goals.

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Dyego Sousa is a Brazilian forward turned Portuguese, having played twice for the European side this season. Dyego was one of the highlights from Sporting Clube de Braga in Liga NOS 2018/2019. He played 43 games this season and he will be in Nations League representing Portugal National Team.

He was one of the top scorers with 15 goals. He also made 4 goal assists for his teammates and has touched the ball inside the opponent’s area 127 times. His main offensive characteristics are his strength, headers, positioning sense in attack and great finishing ability. During the current season, Dyego had 72,5% of success in his passes and 69,5% in his dribbles. His contract will expire in 2022. At 29 years old he is one of the most interesting strikers in the Portuguese league.

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This Venezuelan is soon to be a Benfica player according to the Portuguese news. He is one of the main responsible for Vitória FC’s survival in Liga NOS. Despite already counting several experiences in Portuguese clubs in the first tier, only this year he affirmed himself, making a total of 10 goals and 2 assists in 36 games.

He often prefers playing as a striker, but due to his quickness and tremendous ability conducting offensive transitions, he can also play as a winger. With a noticeable physical ability, strength in challenges with his opponents, with 44% success. He has an ease to force 1v1 situations (winning 46%) and can finish with quality with the ball on the ground or by headers. A 23 years old striker with a lot of potential.

Esta imagem tem um texto alternativo em branco, o nome da imagem é tomane.png

Tomané had a great season with Tondela, with 36 games, 14 goals and 4 assists in all competitions. Since 2017 in Tondela, this striker developed by Vitória SC, has been trying to give his career a better path and that has been noticed, playing at a very high level and being one of the most consistent players in his team.

This season he has been playing as a lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 or in pair with another forward in a 4-4-2. Tomané is a tall, very aggressive and strong striker, showing a lot of quality playing from back to goal, seeking to hold the ball with the help of his physique, and play in first touches or send the ball to the wings for a teammate, showing 63% success in passes. He also shows to be a good value in defensive situations, being very aggressive with his pressure, managing to have 50% success in tackles.

Esta imagem tem um texto alternativo em branco, o nome da imagem é heriberto.png

This Portuguese forward is an irreverent and quick player. Heriberto was one of the highlights this season in Portugal. He was loaned from SL Benfica to Moreirense and this has been a very successful move. With 11 goals in 41 matches, the young 22 year-old player showed himself at an excellent level with a very high consistency.

He grew up a lot this season. He played in every attacking position, showing very different dynamics. As a forward he seeks to be a connection element and a mobile player. He explores the flank if playing on the left and the middle if he plays on the right. Technically gifted player, very quick and objective who plays well with both feet. He shows to have a good shot and likes to engage his opponents with dribbles (4,6 per game).

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