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[:en]Analysing the match GD Chaves vs FC Porto is a great example about how a team must be defending a winger who plays with the opposite foot.

In this case Matheus Pereira (who is playing as a Right Winger – left foot in Chaves) is a tricky player, very good in 1v1 situations, dribbling to the center to finish or pass. So in these situations the defenders need to avoid the opponent to do dribbling for the center and forcing him to the sideline where is less dangerous. Also the second and third defenders (the 2 players closer to the defender closer to the player with ball) are very important to create numerical advantage and cover the center to do not allow the player with ball to go to the center or to pass for some player there.

Bellow we will show some examples of how to defend well these situations and the mistakes that are made in these situations.


Defending well:

Check the video bellow:[:]