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[:en]During this match the formation of Man. City was 1-4-3-3 and Watford 1-4-5-1. What we will explain bellow is how Man.City keeps the ball, play in support and does “juego de posicion” to create the space behind the defenders, the back 4. So basically the positioning of Sané and Sterling as wingers in the sidelines to ensure the width and to drag the full backs to the sideline will create space between CB-FB. At the same time the positioning of Silva and De Bruyne in half spaces (between the opponent defenders and midfielders) will ensure 2 solutions to play inside (vertical or diagonal pass), at the same time will create doubts between defenders and midfielders and the possibility for them to move in depth between CB-FB and cross or assist. Also the coordination with Aguero is very important during his moves in support or in depth.

So Watford was defending with timings to control (no pressure) and timings to do pressure (normally when City does a pass back, lateral pass or vertical pass in the center). This means the defensive structure/organization by Watford needs coordination for timings to control (just keeping the positions) or to do pressure, timings to go down (to control the space in depth) or to go up and reduce the distance between the back 4 and the midfielders.

Watford was playing in zonal marking – medium/low structure there is not to much space behind the back 4 but City needs this space to create situations to score so how they create that space?

So City “invites” Watford to do pressure when they do a lateral pass, a pass back or vertical pass in the center so the defensive structure by Watford needs to give some steps forward and the space behind the back 4 is bigger than before. So this is the right time for City to play in depth. So defenders are coming up to do pressure and it is the right time for some player from City to run in depth because opponents are runing in different direction. When Watford gives steps forward City knows there is space behind the back 4, it is just to create the right situation/moment to play there.[:]

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